3 Advantages of Using Digital Public Relations Tools

The role of public relations in the growth of a company continues to expand with the evolution of consumer lifestyles. Traditionally, public relations focused mainly on speeches, press conferences, and media interviews to make the critical connection between the company and the public. Today, however, the Internet has changed the way PR professionals and reporters connect to each other.

Search engines, blogs, and interactive media have taken the center-stage. Statistics available from various channels indicate the sense of near-urgency with which audiences expect responses these days. Companies’ expenditures on social media activities (mainly marketing) were about $10 billion in 2015 with the same activities now accounting for about 11 percent of all digital marketing activities.

Public relations professionals now use three parameters for determining the success of their social media activities: increased website traffic, increased engagement, and increased followers. Three advantages of using digital PR social media tools include the following:

Track media relations

Dealing with journalists requires a lot of tact and follow-through communication. Although it is possible to keep information in an excel document, a specialized software that enables PR professionals to effectively track all interaction and manage communication is a sine-qua-non for efficient practice these days. Software company Babbler, for instance, has a tool that allows PR professionals to share their news and events with reporters – live.

Manage campaigns

Managing public relations campaigns can be a heavy task without the appropriate tools. Digital tools enable professionals to plan, start, execute, manage and analyze data gathered within the campaign for further use.


One of the most important roles of a PR professional is the ability to select the appropriate media, channel and influencer to leverage for delivery of the company or brand’s message. Digital public relations tools enable professionals to gather the requisite background data about the channels and personalities focusing on their past works, awards, education, specialization, and even geographic coverage.

Technological evolution is making it increasingly easier for public relations professionals to raise the efficiency bar by using PR social media tools.