3 Most Compelling Features of the Best GPS Units

a woman navigating using a GPS

Nearly all modern smartphones now feature some form of mapping and GPS technology that many people are already familiar with the technology. However, if you truly want to enjoy dependable and reliable navigation technology, you should invest in a dedicated GPS unit.

Several things make for a great GPS unit. From true connectivity to an in-built GNSS simulator, here are three of the most critical features that you should look for.

Multisatellite connectivity

Unlike smartphones that depend on cellular towers to triangulate positions, GPS units rely on orbiting satellites to more precisely pinpoint where you are. The more satellites that your unit can connect to, the better it is for you. At the minimum, it should connect to four satellites all at once. Apart from that, you should ensure that your unit easily hands over to other satellites should you move beyond the coverage area for continuous, dependable coverage.

Durability and longevity

GPS units are designed to be durable. That’s because you’re likely to take them to the toughest terrains and worst weather conditions. You also want to make sure that your unit features waterproofing and drop protection for added strength. After that, an important consideration is the battery life. Get one that lasts for a day or more for your unit to be dependable in the wilderness for extended periods of time.

Offline mode and testability

Finally, every GPS unit can test itself before use. That’s the purpose of having built-in GNSS simulation that allows the systems to engage in a test environment. This will eliminate any risks of using the unit when it’s not yet so critical. Another thing that’s helpful to have is an offline mode that lets you use your unit and its map, at least, even when you don’t link up to satellites. This helps to preserve your unit’s battery charge significantly.