4 Tips on Building Up Your Running Speed

Training man

Are you an endurance athlete who loves running marathons? Have you been trying to increase your running speed but don’t see any improvements? Running has a lot of benefits especially if you’re doing it right.

Learning how to run at your maximum speed teaches you how to become a more economical runner. You could train with a friend and use a radar speed gun to check your progress as you follow the tips below to help you get your speed up to your goals.

1. Do interval training

Alternating low-effort exercises with intense workouts not only promotes weight loss. It also conditions your muscles to recover faster. And when your muscles recover faster, you get more energy to run faster. Add at least 20 minutes of interval training to your daily routine to start getting your speed up.

2. Do resistance exercise

Any type of exercise that requires you to pull, push, or carry weight is considered resistance exercise. This increases the strength of your muscles that give you that extra push when you speed up while running.

3. Stop eating sweets

The calories from sugar can give you a boost of energy, but the crash will weigh you down, making you feel heavier and therefore slower. If you need something sweet, eat a fruit.

4. Do yoga

Speeding up doesn’t only require fast-paced, high-energy exercises. It also needs the balance of a sound mind and body. Adding yoga to your routine will support all these tips and may just be the cherry on top.

You could follow one or all of these tips. It depends on how dedicated you are to training to improve your speed. Just always remember to do your stretches and to learn how to listen to your body’s strength and weakness. With a little time and persistence, you’ll see a significant increase in your speed in no time.