About Us

Match FWD is a meeting of minds passionate about everything in the digital sphere. The speed at which technology evolves and creates new, exciting possibilities are a technophile’s dream. Our team of digital experts and enthusiasts consider it their calling to chronicle, provide insight on, and share the knowledge gathered to anyone with even the slightest interest in technology.

Geeks by Profession

The Match FWD team recognizes that technology’s rapid development has allowed it to steal the spotlight in the public consciousness. Where mainstream coverage previously consigned it to a corner considered too ‘niche’ and merely diversionary in nature, its untapped potential released by mobile technology in recent years has changed all of these. We are proud to be a witness to these changes as tech took center stage and solidified its importance in people’s lives.

We live and breathe the incredible power afforded to every man by the ingenious combination of hardware, software, and of course, the minds that birthed them.

Results are Everything

This digital age has brought troves of information at everyone’s fingertips. Tech-oriented businesses have capitalized on this opportunity by optimizing their online presence to be accessible to their audience at the right place, at the right time. Search Marketing is the gold rush of this era, and Match FWD promises to keep you updated with trends and developments in this booming landscape.

Honesty and Integrity

Our brand of tech coverage goes beyond textbook definitions of ‘journalism’, as we guarantee readers our informed and unbiased opinions complement Match FWD’s reportage. Changes in the tech world happen in a heartbeat, and we are dedicated to the fact-based examination of the future happening today.

Technology continuously shapes our modern lifestyles, and Match FWD invites you to take part in traversing this cutting-edge era.