Non-Intrusive Ways to Protect Your Tenants

View of an apartment's upper floors

Does your apartment have what it needs to keep your facilities and tenants safe? If you haven’t upgraded your security system to incorporate some elements of the latest technology, the answer is no.

Computer systems, cameras and security software keep improving. Security systems continually evolve as well. Criminals are stepping up as well to match the pace. What this means is security systems that were efficient a few years ago may be hopelessly outdated now, as expressed by experts in intelligent building management systems in Brisbane. This makes your property vulnerable to vandalism and burglary. Here are some non-intrusive updates to protect your tenants, according to

Access Control

What does a modern access control software do? With the use of RFID scanners, card readers, and biometric scanners, they monitor, control building admission. Your rental property’s access control system needs an upgrade if it doesn’t offer the following protections:

  • Time and Day restrictions. You should be able to monitor as well as restrict or allow access to the premises. Permissions and restrictions are according to specific designated days, times and conditions.
  • Clear Audit Trail. Each attempt to open doors should go into a record.
  • Security Risk Control. You should be able to end tenants’ access rights at any time to eliminate security risks as soon as you identify them.

CCTV Security Systems

Closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) are a low-cost security solution. It is one tool that allows apartment owners to keep their premises safe. Once CCTV cameras are in place, security personnel can monitor the entire apartment from a single (or any) location. The latest CCTV cameras are rechargeable and wireless. You can put one anywhere in the building without worrying about proximity to routers or power outlets. All you have to do is sync the camera to your Wi-Fi, and you’re ready to go.

Elevator Access Control

Are you handling multi-tenant apartments? Controlling accesses to different floors can help eliminate vulnerability in sensitive areas. Installing elevator access control can also reduce unwanted traffic on each floor. It will increase your tenants’ privacy.

Does your security system lack any of the features mentioned? It’s time to upgrade it and enhance safety in your rental property. This will not only affect your source of income. You might face lawsuits resulting from incidents.