Paper: The Key Source of Errors in Purchase Order Processes

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The task of processing orders from customers is not easy, yet it is one of the most crucial parts of many businesses. One small error in this process can have a disastrous impact on customer satisfaction. In some cases, it even leads to losing an important customer. After all, no buyer wants to receive the wrong products or quantities because of a faulty purchase process.

Paper-Based Order Forms

Often, the problem in processing orders arises from working with paper-based order forms. The mere writing or reading the data on these manual forms can result in major errors. It’s so easy to get distracted when you have to list or read line after line of numbers, especially on bulk orders.

Manual Handling of Order Forms

Since the forms are paper-based, there is no other way to store or organize them than to file them in a tangible storage system. Of course, this manual process comes with the risk of multiple human errors. What if your staff member forgot to make copies for filing? What about misplacing the rush order forms in a folder dedicated for regular deliveries? These types of errors don’t only affect the delivery dates of the ordered products, but they may also cause inaccuracies for the entire billing cycle. Remember, no client appreciates receiving invoices for merchandise they never got.

So, Should You Switch to Digital Processes?

Since a paper process is among the key sources of errors, it is logical to throw the manual forms away and start switching to digital methods. Just a bit of a reminder, though: you must digitize the entire process. Perhaps, you’re only thinking of having a technology that scans the documents instead of entering the data into the computer by hand. In this scenario, you’ll only waste your time double-checking the data that the machine has stored in your system. What you need, instead, is a digital platform that automates and manages the whole purchase order process and can be integrated with other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, as advised by the professionals from SourceDay. The platform standardizes the process for you and your customers, leading to processing orders more quickly, easily, and accurately.

Purchase order automation is something that manufacturing and other businesses should embrace. Not only does it optimize the process and save resources, but it also helps you grow your relationship with your customers.