Remarketing Techniques that Improve Conversion Rates

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One of the problems of online marketers is the number of potential customers that browse their websites but eventually don’t make a purchase. To address this problem, marketers leverage particular remarketing strategies to convert those people that left or further funnel their intended audience further down the sales funnel.

An expert on remarketing and destination marketing applications cites the following techniques that help you.

Tagging the Right Pages

One of the essentials of remarketing is identifying which sites to tag, whether you’re using the remarketing code of Google Analytics or a third party tool. Base which landing page to tag on the objectives of your marketing campaigns. Set a specific goal to guide your strategy such as produce 30% more leads within a month. In such cases, you might want to include tags to individual landing pages that bounced visitors.

Segmentation of Remarketing Campaigns

Avoid treating your site visitors the same; distinguish remarketing campaigns based on different parameters to meet the specific needs of your target audience. Some of the things to consider are frequent pages visited, the type of pages visited and how many page views a particular site gets. These enable you to determine the degree of aggressiveness or nurturing you’ll need for your remarketing efforts.

For each group, customize the call-to-action depending on how deep a person is down the sales funnel. Link to related pages that provide value and include additional information that may answer a particular question before a potential customer takes the next step.

Bid on Conversion Abandons and the Shopping Cart

You know a potential customer is likely to convert when they click on links that lead to specific landing pages. This includes people who abandoned their shopping carts; once these leads leave, remind them to return and continue the process of buying.

These are a handful of remarketing strategies that may convince someone that left your page to return and continue their journey further down the sales funnel. Implement these to gain a competitive advantage and nurture more leads that are likely to convert.