SMS Marketing: An Underrated Marketing Tool

Handsome man answering a text

The Internet has become a highly effective avenue for marketing and advertising. But the success of any marketing and advertising initiative doesn’t just depend on the Web. If you own a restaurant, you can use SMS advertising to increase your chances of gaining success. This will help you stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

Find out what SMS advertising can do for your restaurant business.

The Power of SMS

Now, you may have doubts about the power of SMS. Statistics shows that 90 percent of mobile phones have SMS capabilities and people open messages at a rate of 98 percent. In addition, 90 percent of messages will be read within the span of three minutes. With these stats, you can expose your brand more through SMS than through other traditional channels or methods.

Special Offers

You can do several things to draw attention to your brand and increase your chances for conversions. Customers love special offers, such as discounts and free meals. You can send personalised messages to attract potential and existing customers.

Loyalty Program

Special offers can be part of your loyalty program. When people become a part of an exclusive community, they feel happier and privileged. When your customers are happy and satisfied, you can expect them to keep coming back to your restaurant.

You can do many other things using SMS, such as getting customer feedback, sending reservation reminders, and allowing customers to make a reservation. When you use SMS marketing, remember to make clear and concise messages, send them at the right time, and update your messages accordingly. Give your customers the freedom to unsubscribe from your SMS program as well.

As long as you follow the guidelines above and you know how to use SMS advertising, you can make your restaurant the talk of the town and expect to have a full house every day.