Three Reasons to Choose Fixed Satellite Services

Satelite Transmitting data

Ask anyone doing business, and they will tell you that connectivity is one of the key pillars to long-term success. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, there are now more options than ever to stay connected.

Fixed satellite services are an option that often does not get discussed. Here are three critical reasons why they are your best bet to maximise your connectivity to your target audiences.

1. Guaranteed Reception

Line-of-sight restrictions limit most cellular based sites. Additionally, they can be adversely affected by so many factors that include the weather, distances, and even local power outages. This makes acquiring and maintaining a steady and strong signal a very iffy affair.

With fixed satellites, you have none of these limitations. As a result, you can count on having proper signal every moment of every day no matter what the conditions are.

2. Fast Handover During Transits

Because cellular signal sites are located a great distance from each other, there are certain areas that your subscribers might pass that will temporarily affect their service provision. This can last anywhere from a few moments to much longer depending on the ability to re-engage.

That is never a problem with fixed satellite services where the transfer is near immediate that it is ultimately imperceptible to anyone using your service.

3. More Cost-Effective

The lesser dependence on terrestrial infrastructure means that fixed satellite services utilise less power. This translates into a great deal of savings for you.

On top of that, should you need to expand or upgrade, it is simply a matter of expanding your subscription and engaging more satellites for greater coverage. This combination of energy savings and affordable scalability means that you ultimately spend less in the long run.

Why waste money on outdated service providers when you can step into a more efficient and reliable future. Fixed satellites enable more consistent connectivity.