What You Should Know When Buying a Dust Collector

Man welding by a dust collector

If you are planning to buy or upgrade your dust collector, there are factors you need to consider about the whole process. With the array of options available on the market, choosing one that will perfectly address your needs can be exciting.

Syntech shares this guide to help you choose the right dust collector for your workplace.

Know your dust requirements

Before you buy a dust collector, it is important to understand the nature of the dust you are going to handle and the process that produces it. Note about the properties of the dust whether it is bulky and abrasive or it is fine. Consider the volume of the dust that you are producing either daily or per shift. Understanding these properties will help you choose a dust collector that will work for you.

Choose a suitable technology

The technological details of your dust collector will be guided by understanding the characteristics of the dust in your workplace. Three technological media are suitable for both bulky and powdered dust. These include cartilage, bug house, and the fluted media collector. Regardless of the nature of your dust, the market will always address your specifications.


A dust collector can be a costly investment, especially if this system has to incorporate features such as control panels, airlocks, fans, and other auxiliary devices. You also have to deal with the cost of regular maintenance. But when buying a dust collector, it is important to consider its operational cost instead of its general system life.

To succeed in your business and to protect people from health hazards that come with dust inhalation, dust collection is critical. Whilst buying the best system to fit your operation might not be easy, incorporating the above considerations will help make the process easier.